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A Quick Guide To Buying An External Noticeboard

A Quick Guide To Buying An External Noticeboard

Outdoor noticeboards are very convenient for a variety of different purposes and for displaying all forms of display notices.

Yet when it comes to looking at purchasing an external noticeboard, there are a few different considerations which you’ll have to think about as opposed to
an indoor noticeboard to ensure that it meets the necessary requirements.

Choosing the right style which is perfect for your project is important, so to give you a helping hand, we have put together some useful top tips for everything you need to know about buying an external noticeboard.

Mounting options

Firstly, you need to decide what mounting solution to opt for. You have two options to consider. The first is to go for a wall-mounted noticeboard which can be attached to the building’s exterior walls. This choice is useful for displaying simple messages or notices, especially if you’re more limited for space.

A post-mounted noticeboard is your second option and would be great for larger premises and for creating a greater impact. Post-mounted boards are
especially effective for schools, colleges, churches and local authorities.

This also allows you to have more flexibility in terms of where to place the noticeboard than you would do with a wall-mounted board, yet this, of course,
will depend on the premises.

Choose an appropriate style

When considering the different designs of noticeboard to go for, the sheer variety of styles may make it that little be trickier to know which would be the
best option to go for.

One important tip to bear in mind is that you should ideally try and go for something which is in keeping with the premises and building.

In terms of a church noticeboard, for example, it might be more appropriate to choose something more natural in appearance such as our

Double Door Wood Effect Outdoor Post Mounted Notice Board


A primary school, on the other hand, could mean that you go for something a bit brighter, for instance, our Post Mounted
Stormguard II Noticeboard With Header
would be a great choice.

With a selection of different colours and styles to choose from, you could also consider matching the tones of your brand or organisation to your external
noticeboard for an added special touch!


The security of your noticeboard is paramount, especially so when it comes to battling against the British wind and rain!

It’s, therefore, a worthwhile idea going for a board which is weatherproof and secure. Our

Office Essentials Lockable Showcase Noticeboard

, for example, designed with strength and durability in mind, and with a water seal to withstand the outer climate is an effective way of keeping your
notices safe, dry and tidy looking.

The addition of a couple of locking devices also provides extra protection, therefore, should safety for your noticeboard may be a greater concern, there
are a variety of options providing an effective solution to publishing your notices securely.

Bespoke Noticeboards

Finding the right product which meets your criteria may prove to be quite a challenge. If you are struggling to locate the correct external noticeboard for
your project, then you could perhaps think about having your own board designed with your exact preferences in mind.

Branding your external noticeboard with your organisation’s name and logo is also something worth considering for a more personal touch. This can often
prove to be a popular option for schools, universities, offices, churches and local authorities.

Should you have any further questions regarding choosing an exterior noticeboard for your project, or perhaps you would like to discuss a bespoke design,
if so then we would be delighted to hear from you. Simply email Noticeboards Online at

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