How (not) To Install A Noticeboard

There’s only one word to consider when installing a noticeboard. Preparation. Here’s a genuine photo of a noticeboard mounted onto a wall. Now clearly, someone wasn’t planning ahead. If you don’t want to tackle the installation yourself, we have a team of experts who will take care of it for a very reasonable price. They […]

Optical Illusion Noticeboard

Sometimes your brain doesn’t quite get it right. Here’s a simple noticeboard we found to prove the point.

Tuesday Morning Blues – Noticeboard Inspiration

It doesn’t matter how fed up you feel, I think it’s impossible to feel worse than these fellas look. We printed this out today and posted it on our office noticeboard to remind ourselves that no matter how difficult you think you’re day is, it’s nothing compared to how they look. I wouldn’t mind their […]

Eye Catching Content At It’s Best

Buying a noticeboard or a sign is simple, but deciding what to write is a completely different game. In it’s simplest forward, you could just advertise what you’re selling and show the price. But this is a bit boring really. This A-Board from a coffee shop in Silloth (just up the road from us) made […]

Major Life Revalations

I’m sure that many people ponder their existence every Monday as they drag themselves back to the workplace and slump in front of their computer for another week’s slog. Well, this noticeboard we found on the internet will help you wade through life and perhaps even put a smile on your face.