How Can I Reduce Condensation In My Notice Board

Are You Getting All Steamed Up?

Would 20% off your noticeboard make you feel better?

There’s nothing worse than trying to read notices when the glazing on your noticeboard is all steamed up. Your notices get damp and the ink will start to run, so what can you do to avoid it?

If your noticeboard is old, there’s every chance it’s letting in water and moisture is being held by the felt or pinnable material. If you can find where the water is getting in (and you’re handy with a tub of putty) great. If not, you might be looking at a new board.

But even a brand new noticeboard might not fix your problem. If you open the door when it’s raining, water will enter the board and when the temperature raises, this rain will form as condensation on the glazing. So only open the door if it’s dry weather unless you really need to. The doors are air tight, so the water has nowhere to go.

Also, when choosing a new noticeboard, we strongly recommend choosing a magnetic inner panel and not a felt pinnable one. Magnetic panels can’t absorb water, won’t fade in the sun, and we even give you a load of magnets to get going.

If you do need to replace your noticeboard, make sure you choose one with excellent weatherproof features. Many of our premium Noticeboards feature a gutter where rain is caught behind the waterproof seal and redirected away from the display area.

Ultimately, condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs when air is exposed to a cold surface and there is a large temperature difference between the inside and outside of a surface. The more water/air tight, the larger the internal volume and the colder the outside temperature the more condensation will be present in an outdoor showcase.

If you need to order a replacement noticeboard, we’d like to ease the pain a little bit for you. If you call our really helpful team on 01539 628309 and mention you’ve read this blog post, we’ll give you up to 20% off a shiny new noticeboard. If your current board is on posts and they’re in good order, you can save even more money by using your existing posts. We’ll supply a fixing kit tailored just for your posts making it simple to install.