Fake Reviews

Notice Board Product Reviews

One of the questions we are ask is “Why don’t you have reviews on your website?”. The answer is simple, because they can’t be trusted.

Unscrupulous people are threatening online retailers with negative reviews unless they are given free items or heavily discounted offers. And positive reviews can easily be faked, or even bought on mass. We’ve been approached by various companies offering to post 5 Star Reviews in return for a small fee. Take a look at www.reviewr.co.uk and you can see how easy it is.

Which! Magazine have fully investigated the problem with fake reviews and they can be read on their excellent website.

If you’d like some genuine feedback on the great range of products and services we offer, just drop us an email and we’ll put you in touch with real people who can tell you about their experience. We offer leading industry guarantees with our products so you can be assured of a great product designed to last a long time.