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And Today’s Question Is…..

Answers on a postcard (but not from Ireland please)

Question: How long does it take for a parcel from UK to Ireland take to arrive on a 3 day service?

Answer: We still don’t know

We sent some shoes over to Ireland in early June. They’re still awaiting customs clearance today (3rd August). This is another example of the difficulties sending stuff to the EU and Northern Ireland. If a pair of shoes takes nearly 3 months (and they’ve yet to arrive), can you imagine the nonsense we have to put up with when sending noticeboards, signs and anything else on a pallet?

So, if you’re over on The Emerald Isle, please bear with us whilst we battle with the paperwork and bureaucracy that our beloved leaders promised wouldn’t exist. We’d read all the instructions about being ‘Brexit Ready’, but it didn’t prepare us for obtaining XI EORI numbers, never mind the additional 23% import duty slapped onto everything now.