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Glazing – Which Option Is Best For You?

The Notice Board Glazing has 3 important jobs.

  • It has to be clear so the notices can easily be read
  • Glazing needs to protect your notices from the Great British Weather
  • It needs to protect your notices from idiots that might want to vandalise it

We offer various options on most of our notice boards. Each has it’s own benefits and our team can advise you on the best choice for your situation. Call us on 01539 628309 or email for more information.

Option 1 – Depending on the product, we supply impact resistant acrylic glazing as standard. Available in various thicknesses (2mm to 4mm), it’s a great balance between price and strength. Unlike cheaper alternatives, this material does NOT turn yellow over time and will retain it’s clear properties for a long long time.

Option 2 – Our Nimbus Noticeboards use the same material used in riot shields. This is the strongest glazing available today, and if it’s good enough to protect The police from bricks, flares and whatever protesters have to hand, it’ll easily protect your notices from the occasional local vandals. With a 15 Year Guarantee, you can be assured of the highest quality product on the market.

Option 3 – Finally, you can also specify impact resistant glass. In most situations, it’s the least strongest option but the easiest to remove graffiti from. Even though we used the strongest glass available, if someone is determined to smash the glazing, glass is the one that would With other glazing available, it’s very rare we supply a notice board with glass.