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New Lectern Installed In Hackney

We’re delighted to show you the latest installation this week. One of the communal gardens was recently renamed, and the local residents voted on the new name. The lectern explains the history of the area and why Kit Crowley was such an important figure for the community. If you’d like some information on lecterns and […]

Parish Council Noticeboard Scaled

New Icarus Noticeboard For Fishburn Parish Council

Here’s some photos of the new Parish Council Noticeboards we installed for Fishburn Parish Council. Using our ornate posts, they look fabulous and really stand out in the area. If you’d like some information on Parish Noticeboards, please call us on 01539 628309 or email Here’s the noticeboard they chose –

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New Signs & Noticeboards For Bethel Free Baptist Church

When we spoke to Larry from Bethel Free Baptist Church and he explained how high the sign needs to be, there was only one man for the job. We sent along our top fitter Kev Sumner. This man has no fear of heights and doesn’t scare easily. As you can see from the photo, the […]