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Notice Board Installation

Notice Board Assembly & Installation Instructions

All our products are manufactured in such a way there’s very little to build when they arrive. Most of the components are simple to construct with a pair of extra hands, a tape measure and a spirit level. We offer a fully insured installation service whether it be post, wall or rail mounted. Our teams cover the entire county, and they’re nice people too! Call us on 01539 628309 or email for a quote.

Here’s some diagrams to show how the various components are put together prior to installation.

StormGuard / Nimbus Post Mounted Notice Board Installation

By far our most popular noticeboard. Available in several colour and sizes, it’s great value for money and very simple to put together. This diagram shows how to fix the optional header to the posts.

View the StormGuard and Nimbus range.

Product Assembly Instructions 12 Scaled

StormGuard Lectern Interpretation Panel Assembly Instructions

If you need to display information to your visitors, The StormGuard Interpretation Panel range is second to none and with a 5 year guarantee you can be assured of many years trouble free with just the minimum of maintenance.

Product Assembly Instructions 10 Scaled E1647959815655

Icarus Single & Double Door Notice Board Assembly Information

This noticeboard really has it all. Ornate posts, a personalised header and ball finials. But don’t worry, it’s still very simple to assemble. If you can build a book case from Ikea, you’ll be just fine with this.
View the Double Door Icarus Notice Board | View the Single Door Icarus Notice Board

Product Assembly Instructions 5 Scaled E1647959956496
With Ornate Posts &Amp; Header
Product Assembly Instructions 4 Scaled E1647959925256
With 'D' Posts &Amp; Header Panel
Product Assembly Instructions 3 Scaled E1647959888953
With 'D' Posts (No Header)

Rail Mounted Notice Board Assembly Information

Most of our rail mounted boards arrive complete so there’s very little to assemble. We supply a bespoke fitting kit designed for your posts, and the illustration below shows how they would attach to your railings or fence.

Product Assembly Instructions 8 Scaled E1647959855641