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How Can I Reduce Condensation In My Notice Board

How Can I Reduce Condensation Inside A Notice Board

There’s nothing worse than trying to read notices when the glazing on your noticeboard is all steamed up. Your notices get damp and the ink will start to run, so what can you do to avoid it? Condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs when air is exposed to a cold surface and there is […]

Outdoor Noticeboard Infographic Featured New

What’s The Best Option For An Outdoor Noticeboard?

Here is a useful infographic that we have created that will help you to choose the best material for the display area of your outdoor noticeboard. Learn about the best outdoor noticeboard options including magnetic panels, traditional cork, felt / loop nylon and sundeala by checking out this design. We hope you appreciate this outdoor […]

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£150 Donation To Food Bank

We’re delighted to have made the first donation to Kings Food Bank today. We promised to donate a percentage of the Queen Jubilee Plates to food banks in the UK. We’ll keep you updated with the progress we make helping families disadvantaged with the currently economic climate.