How Can I Reduce Condensation In My Notice Board

How Can I Reduce Condensation Inside A Notice Board

There’s nothing worse than trying to read notices when the glazing on your noticeboard is all steamed up. Your notices get damp and the ink will start to run, so what can you do to avoid it?

Condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs when air is exposed to a cold surface and there is a large temperature difference between the inside and outside of a surface. The more water/air tight, the larger the internal volume and the colder the outside temperature the more condensation will be present in an outdoor showcase.

The first thing to do is check it’s not leaking. Open it up and see if there’s a lot of standing water inside. If there is, chances are there’s a leak somewhere. All our notice boards have long guarantees so get in touch. If you’re out of guarantee, check all the seals are still water tight. You might need to get your hose pipe out to locate which part of the frame has failed. The glazing seal is the most common element to fail, and this can be easily replaced or resealed.

Tip To Reduce Condensation In Your Notice Board

  • If you open the door when it’s raining, water will enter the board and when the temperature raises, this rain will form as condensation on the glazing. So only open the door if it’s dry weather unless you really need to. The doors are air tight, so the water has nowhere to go.
  • Don’t add wet paper.
  • Choose a magnetic surface and not felt. Felt will absorb moisture and release it as the temperature rises. A magnetic surface can’t absorb moisture so this removes on the potential problems
  • Keep the door closed. When not in use, keep the notice board door closed to prevent moisture from entering.
  • Clean regularly: Regularly clean the inside of the notice board to prevent buildup of moisture, mildew or mold.
  • Silica Gel is often used when transporting electrical goods or items that can’t get damp. It’s also used in products designed to reduce condensation in cars. The first thing we have to do in bad weather is wipe the windscreen or use the air conditioning to remove moisture in the car. There’s loads of products on Amazon (other retailers are available) that can sit within the noticeboard and help to reduce the build up of moisture.

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