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New Notice Board For The Salvation Army

We’re delighted with our latest installation to help the Salvation Army in Mainstone display announcements and notices. Our team of highly skilled (and ever so handsome) installers removed the old noticeboards first before installing the new one. As with all our removals, they’re legally disposed of and where possible elements are recycled. Many of our eco-friendly products are made using recycled aluminium from damaged or replaced boards. The metal is melted down and whilst it costs us more to produce than buying new material, it’s our way of trying to reduce waste.

The StormGuard is our most popular entry level premium noticeboard. As we try to help good causes, we offered a discount to help. Each month we also donate to food banks too, so we try to give something back where possible.

If you’d like a new noticeboard or need more information on our range of products, please call our enthusiastic team on 01539 628309 or email

We look forward to hearing from you soon.