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We’re Back! Our sales team is working from home and will continue to take calls, answer your emails and process orders.

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We're quite a varied bunch really. Each of us have unique skills which when combined together creates an effective and efficient team. With our head office in Kendal (The Lake District), we're able to provide leading quality display and presentation products throughout the UK and overseas upon request. Working with select manufacturers, we have assembled one of the most comprehensive product ranges with most products now made here in the UK.

Many of our products have been designed exclusively for us, and we can offer industry leading guarantees. Take our Nimbus Noticeboards for example, they are now standard throughout the capital thanks to a deal with Transport For London, and these products have a 30 Year Guarantee. Other popular products such as our Premium Church Noticeboards have a 10 Year Guarantee and are surprisingly affordable so you don't have to break the bank to afford one.


If you need something doing properly, then Louise is the person to ask. She makes sure orders are processed smoothly and deliveries are on time. She also makes the best tea in the office.


There's 2 skills that Tom brings to the company, building websites and choosing the office music. It's rumoured that Tom dreams about binary in his sleep and was training to be a shepherd before learning web coding.


When he's not taking part in extreme sports down the side of mountains, Chris works on the website chat helping people find their perfect product, and often gives relationship advice when asked. If you're on the website and need advice (ideally about our noticeboards), Chris is a font of knowledge and has countless brochures to hand when he doesn't know an answer about our products.


She might seem like a sweet lady at first, but don't get on her wrong side. She makes sure bills are paid on time and late payers are chased. Jean might appear soft on the outside, but when it comes to collecting outstanding invoices, she's brutal! Every company needs a Jean.


Emailing and telephone marketing is Joanne's bag. She writes regular newsletters to our subscribers and follows up enquiries. Joanne works very closely with our customers from Churches and Parish Councils.


As a full time teacher, Julie advises us about trends in the education market. Working with our suppliers, Julie helped to develop our safest ever fire resistant noticeboards that comply with the most stringent regulations. These Class O noticeboards are perfect for fire exits, corridors, classrooms and public areas.

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