External Notice Boards | Secure External Notice Boards

With such a wide choice of external noticeboards available, you are sure not be disappointed. The range includes aluminium, eco friendly and recycled material as well as solid wood. We have something for every budget and a great selection of types or styles! The StormGuard NoticeBoards are ideal for those on a budget whilst still demanding the quality of our premium products. And The Nimbus NoticeBoards are the only product available with a fully welded cabinet, advanced anti-graffiti protection and built in drainage as standard. Here at Noticeboards Online, we have a wide variety of external noticeboards that are designed to last in any type weather.

Wall External Notice Boards

When you need to display notices and announcements outdoors, an external wall mounted noticeboard is ideal. Choose from a single, double or triple. board with or without a personalised header panel. Most of our products are available with a selection of inner panels including felt or magnetic surfaces. Call us on 01539 628309 to chat about our range and how they can benefit your company or organisation.

Post Mounted External Notice Boards

Free standing display systems are perfect for presenting your notices and announcements away from your building, or in a remote area where walls are not available. There’s a massive choice available in every size and colour, and our ‘top of the range’ Nimbus and Notus ranges have a fully welded cabinet with built in drainage as standard. Call us today on 01539 628309 to discuss our products and we’ll be delighted to provide a quote and help you through the choice making process whilst keeping within your budget.

Are External Notice Boards Weatherproof?

Standing the test of time, our range notice boards can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at them. With a wide variety and size options available for both wall mounted or floor standing external notice boards to suit your needs no matter how big they might be – we’ll find you the perfect external notice board!

Which of our external notice board inner panels will you choose? You can now have a choice between magnetic, felt, self healing rubber, cork, loop nylon and dry wipe surfaces.

Where Can I Install An External Notice Board?

Our display and presentation products can be installed on a wide variety on locations. Installing them on a wall is the easiest and most noticeboards come with fixing kits for more locations. Post Mounted Boards are ideal when you need to display information away from your premises. There’s a choice of posts available, and you can choose from a double door, double sided, or even triple door notice board.

Our rail (railing) notice boards are great for locating on the external rails or fences. We will supply a bespoke fixing bracket to exactly fit your existing railings.

A lockable notice board is the perfect place to post important information for the community, clients or visitors. It can be used as an information point and will stay securely attached no matter what’s going on with the weather!

Why Do I Need An External Notice Board?

You’ll be amazed at how many people you can reach with a professional notice board. With the right location, these boards are capable of generating more business for your company or more interest in your organisation than any other type! Give our team call on 01539 628309 if this sounds like something that might interest you – we’re always happy to help out new customers learn about our extensive range of notice boards.

Need to promote your organisation or business? We can help! You know that one of the best ways is by displaying advertisements on an external notice board. Why not get in touch with us today on 01539 628309 and see how we are able to promote your messages, all while staying within budget too!

Are External Notice Boards Expensive?

With a huge variety of options available, we have something for ever location and every budget. You’re sure to find the perfect external notice board for your needs. Whether it be outside Churches, Parish Councils, Schools, Halls or shops – we have something that will work just perfectly! Call our External Notice Board Experts on 01539 628309.

Wall and Rail External Notice Board are generally at at a lower cost as we don’t need to supply posts and their installation is often economical as there’s no holes to dig or ground scans to undertake.