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Introduction to Outdoor Notice Boards

Introduction to Outdoor Notice Boards

Communication is an essential part of our lives, isn’t it? We share information, ideas, and thoughts through various means. An outdoor notice board is a powerful tool in this regard, often found in Schools, Offices, Churches, Parish Councils, Parks and Public Spaces. 

But, what makes them so special? Let’s explore!

Post Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards

What is an Outdoor Notice Board?

An outdoor notice board, as the name suggests, is a board typically mounted outside a building or in a public area. It’s used for posting messages, announcements, directions, or advertising events. Imagine it as a community’s giant post-it note, visible and accessible to everyone!

Types of Outdoor Notice Boards

Traditional Notice Boards

The classic! These are usually cork or pin boards enclosed in a weather-resistant case. You pin your paper notices here. Simple, effective, and a nostalgic touch of a pre-digital era.

Electronic Notice Boards

Ah, technology! These boards use LED or LCD screens to display messages. They offer flexibility with changing messages easily. They’re like the smartphones of notice boards, but often come with a huge price tag.

Portable Notice Boards

These are the “on-the-go” variety. Lightweight and easy to move, these are ideal for events or temporary setups. A nomad in the world of notice boards, if you will.

Personalised Post Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Personalised Post Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Personalised Wall Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Personalised Walll Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Rail Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Rail Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Wall Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Walll Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Post Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards
Post Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards

Key Features to Look for in an Outdoor Notice Board


An outdoor notice board needs to be a tough cookie. It should withstand various weather conditions – rain, sun, or snow. After all, who likes a notice board that wilts under pressure?


The board should be clearly visible, even from a distance. What’s the point of a message that can’t be read? Remember, a good notice board doesn’t whisper; it shouts out loud!


It should be easy to post and replace notices. It’s like a stage that should be ready for the next performance in no time!

Size and Design

The board should fit your space and match the aesthetics. A well-designed notice board is like a picture frame, enhancing the beauty of its surroundings.

Benefits of Using an Outdoor Notice Board

Outdoor notice boards promote effective and efficient communication. They also foster community spirit and engagement. It’s not just a board, it’s a town square!

Practical Uses of Outdoor Notice Boards

In Schools and Educational Institutions

Announcements, schedules, or achievements, a notice board in a school is the “buzz central.”

In Offices and Corporate Settings

It’s where you find the HR announcements or the Employee of the Month details. A notice board is an office’s daily newspaper.

In Public Spaces

Community events, local news, or lost & found, a public notice board is the heartbeat of a neighborhood.

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Masterboard Single Door Post Mounted External Notice Board
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Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Notice Boards

Taking care of your notice board can prolong its lifespan. Keep it clean, replace outdated notices, and regularly check for any damages. A well-kept notice board is a happy notice board!


Outdoor notice boards are more than just a communication tool. They bring people together, foster a sense of community, and keep everyone informed. Whether it’s the traditional, electronic, or portable version, each has its charm and utility. So, next time you pass by a notice board, take a moment to appreciate this unsung hero of public communication.


  1. How to choose the right outdoor notice board?  Consider your needs, budget, and location. Evaluate its durability, visibility, accessibility, and design.
  2. What is the best material for an outdoor notice board?  Materials that can withstand various weather conditions, like aluminum or treated wood, are ideal.
  3. Can an electronic notice board display videos?  Yes, most electronic notice boards can display videos and animations.
  4. How often should the notices be updated?  It depends on the purpose and relevance of the information. For events, update as required. For general notices, a regular weekly or monthly update works well.
  5. Can I customize the design of my outdoor notice board?  Yes, many manufacturers offer customizable designs to suit your needs and preferences.