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Not All Signs Are Made Equally

DMC Aluminium™ provides a cost-effective alternative to vitreous enamel durable signage in both prestigious high street and rail applications. It is our flagship coated & printed Aluminium product, providing outstanding full-colour print quality and long-term resistance to UV and exterior weather conditions.

The combination of the highly abrasion and scratch resistant coatings and aluminium base material provides a robust finish against attention by vandals.

Based on a revolutionary 4-stage process incorporating a direct-to-substrate printing method utilising specialised inks, DMC Aluminium™ offers great durability and anti-graffiti protection.

The outstanding durability, quality aesthetic appearance achieves the necessary approvals for use on The London Underground and use on rolling stock.

The DMC Aluminium™ panels are graffiti resistant, therefore, it is easy to clean the custom surface with many products such as water, white spirits, alcohol, or acetone using a dry, non-abrasive cloth (microfibre type).


  • Easy clean – Anti-vandal/graffiti resistant properties
  • Anti-bacterial option
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Moisture resistant
  • Comparable to Vitreous enamel at significantly reduced cost
  • 10 Year exterior warranty

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