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Avoid The Price Increase

We’ve been absorbing price increases for over a year, but unfortunately we’re having to pass some of these increases to the customer shortly. Not only has the cost of raw materials (such as aluminium and components such as locks and hinges) increased, but the cost of running our powder coating room and delivery charges have […]

Glazing – Which Option Is Best For You?

The Notice Board Glazing has 3 important jobs. It has to be clear so the notices can easily be read Glazing needs to protect your notices from the Great British Weather It needs to protect your notices from idiots that might want to vandalise it We offer various options on most of our notice boards. […]

Choosing The Perfect Lock For Your New Notice Board

One of the most important components of your new notice board is the lock. We offer several options depending on how you’re going to use it. 1 – Key locksIf the frame profile allows it, we can supply a regular key / barrel lock on your notice board. This isn’t available on slim profile products […]

We’ve Been Busy

As the UK returns to whatever normal is going to be, our installation teams have been busy running around the country installing new notice boards and signs. Here’s just some photos of recent notice board installations.

Problems With Couriers

At the moment there’s often delays in getting your new notice boards on a next day service. It’s a perfect storm with staff shortages and huge demand on their services. So if it’s slightly delayed, please bear with us. Another problem worth mentioning, is the importance of checking your order for damage in transit. We […]

Another Successful Noticeboard

Claire from St Andrew’s Church has emailed to let us know she’s delighted with her new noticeboard. If you’d like to be as happy as Claire, call us on 01539 628309 or email and a member of our team will be delighted to send you a quote for a shiny new Church Noticeboard. We […]

Re-Use Your Own Posts / Save Money & Time

When buying a new noticeboard, if you are replacing your old noticeboards and the posts are in good condition, we can supply you with a product that simply clips to them. Not only will you save money on new posts, you won’t have to dispose of the old ones and you won’t need an installation […]

Did You Know We Also Make Signs?

Along with our expansive range of notice boards and white boards, we also make signs. Any size, any shape in any colour. We’ve recently supplied a new gate sign for a church and they said “We’re delighted with it and very grateful to you for all your help.” If you’d like a price for a […]

Lectern Installation For The University of Huddersfield

Our installation team has recently completed the installation of various lecterns / interpretation panels for The University of Huddersfield. Based on our popular DMC Lectern, they are robust and have some of the best anti-graffiti features available. If you’re looking for a new lectern or interpretation panel, please contact us on 01539 628309 or take […]