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We can send any of our products anywhere in the world. Please email with the products you would like to order, and we can provide a price for export. Overseas customers may be exempt from VAT.

Many of our premium products are covered by a 5 year guarantee as standard. This covers defective parts and/or labour with the exception of the pinboard core and fabric coverings*, and is based on normal operating conditions within the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Powder Coated finishes are applied to the standards of the powder coating suppliers. Colour fastness and corrosion resistance is dependent on the location and atmospheric conditions. Therefore our guarantee is limited to corrosion resistance only in line with our powder coating suppliers’ specifications, with the following provisions:

1) Products with Powder Coated finishes that are installed within 1 mile of a coastal location** must also have the extra coastal intermediate primer protection applied to the external finish.
2) Products with Satin Silver, Polished Gold or Polished Silver finishes that are installed within 1 mile of the coast must also have the additional clear Powder Coating applied to the external finish.

The guarantee is offered on the basis that any faulty product is returned to the factory to assess and/or remedy, with prior written agreement of the manufacturer. The cost of returning the product to the manufacturer is not included in the guarantee, and the installation of the repaired noticeboard is not covered. Photographic evidence may be required before the product is returned. The 5 year guarantee does not cover consequential losses or expenses. If the product has been modified or tampered with other than as expressed in the instructions, or notified and agreed by the manufacturer, the manufacturer reserves the right to void the guarantee.

In order to uphold your guarantee, please ensure the products are:
1) Installed as directed in the instructions we provide
2) Well maintained using guidance information stated on the instructions
3) Cleaned regularly using guidance information stated on the instructions

Frequency of cleaning will depend on local conditions, but the minimum recommendation is at least twice a year. In most cases regular cleaning will also help your product last beyond the 5 year guarantee.

* Please note that Coloured Magnetic Inserts offer a much greater durability than fabric coloured Pinboards, especially in their colour fastness. ** As well as highly industrial locations or any other locations with high levels of Sulphur Dioxide in the atmosphere.

Some of our premium products now feature a 10 year guarantee. This covers the quality of workmanship and materials used.

Our guarantee is that these products are free from defects in material and in our workmanship. Our guarantee is limited to the labour and material costs of repair within 10 years of the date of despatch and excludes the cost of returning the product to the manufacturer. Noticeboards Online Ltd is not liable for the cost of installing the repaired product. There are several exceptions to this guarantee:

1) Damage caused by improper installation.
2) Damage caused as a result of lack of maintenance as described in our instructions.
3) Product modification or vandalism.
4) Cosmetic damage including colour fading.
5) Reasonable wear & tear

Condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs when a constant air volume is exposed to a cold surface and there is a large temperature difference between the inside and outside of a surface. The more water/air tight, the larger the internal volume and the colder the outside temperature the more condensation will be present in an outdoor showcase. Whenever a notice board is opened moist air can flow into the volume which will percolate when the outside temperature drops. This phenomenon becomes more common as air temperatures drop and surface temperdoor drop to near or below 0 degrees Celsius.

You will notice that this happens even inside cars and the only way to prevent/clear condensation is by heating the offending surface. We would recommend that should a customer find this to be an issue that they open their showcase and wipe the surface down with a suitable cloth.