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Outdoor Notice Boards

Our external weatherproof notice boards are the best in their class. You can install them on walls, posts or rails. They are available with an assortment of materials including aluminium, sustainably sourced solid wood or recycled material for your environmentally conscious needs!

These Notice Boards are a perfect way to make your message stand out. With the ability to choose from either a personalised external header or internal title plate, you can include logos in addition with whatever text you want! These boards work well not only for schools but also churches and parishes that need high impact display systems on their buildings.

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Popular External Notice Board FAQs

Before investing in a new notice board, you might have a few questions. Here’s just some of the most commonly asked questions we have been asked at Noticeboards Online. If you need help choosing the perfect product, please call us on 01539 628309 or email

External notice boards are designed to display announcements outside. For this reason they need to be weather resistant and feature a water proof seal. They are available for wall, railings and free standing on posts. The best external notice boards have a long guarantee, built in drainage and breathing holes to reduce condensation. The Notus and Nimbus notice boards have a 15 year guarantee with a life expectancy of at least 20 years.

There are various locks available on external notice boards. The most popular is a traditional key lock with a barrel. They will last a lifetime with occasional maintenance such as WD40.
A secure allen key is very popular on many notice boards. They are simple to use and offer a very high level of protection. Replacement keys are not easily available, but your notice board retailer will be able to supply additional allen keys at a very reasonable price.
Community Twist Locks are a great way of allowing people to post notices without needing a key. Simply turn the lock and the door opens. These are very popular in external double door notice boards where one side is reserved for official notices and is only accessible by key holders, and the other side is a communal board for members of the community to display their posters.
All three external notice board locks are available on the most popular products and are available at no extra cost.

Anti-Graffiti Protection and Anti-Vandal Protection are optional extras on most External Notice Boards. A clear film is applied to the entire surface providing an invisible protection against spray paint and marker pens. Many products such as The Nimbus Notice Board have replaceable doors, so if it becomes damaged there’s no need to replace the entire unit. Simply open the notice board and the door slides off. Replacement doors can be supplied at a fraction of the cost of a brand new unit.
If the glazing becomes badly damaged or badly scratched, it can be replaced on most notice boards. Its is not cost effective to replace the glazing on lower cost products as the cost would be similar to a new board.
When replacement glazing is supplied, it will comes with new seals to ensure a water tight fit with the main door.
Depending on the model, glazing can be between 2mm – 4mm with the thicker glazing being found on the premium notice boards.

External Notice Boards include features to features to prevent water reaching the display area. Some notice boards are completely sealed but this can introduce problems with condensation and moisture within the board. The best external notice boards will include water proof seals and air ducts to allow moisture to be released. As the temperature inside the noticeboard increases in warmer weather, sealed notice boards do not allow for this expanded are to escape, this can lead to the waterproof seals failings. In summery, choose a notice board with advanced weatherproof features and the ability to breath.

Several options are available for your new notice board depending on how you wish to attach your notices to the surface.
The most popular is a magnetic surface, as it will be the longest lasting option and super strong magnets are readily available.
Felt notice boards are still a popular choice but do have their downsides. Felt will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and as the temperature rises this moisture will turn to condensation that will fog up the window. Even notice boards with built in breathing holes will still suffer with this problem. Many external notice boards are designed to last for 15-20 years, and even the best sun safe felt will be eventually fade with exposed to direct sunlight.
Traditional cork was a popular option but is generally only available in limited colours. With so many other options now available, cork is no longer as commonly used as it once was.
Some of the other options available include brushed loop nylon which is compatible with velcro, and self healing rubber is also available. It is manufactured in a single colour and whilst popular many years ago, is not the first choice for modern notice boards.

The quality of the glazing in your new external notice board is proportional to the value of the main unit. Cheaper notice boards will include 2mm Hi-impact Acrylic which is ideal for most low risk locations. Long gone are the days when acrylic discolours over time, and will remain crystal clear for the lifetime of the product.
Premium Notice Boards such as The Nimbus and Notus include the more expensive PETG glazing. This material us used to make riot shields, hopefully this will demonstrate the strength it has to offer.
Finally, most external notice boards can be fitted with shatterproof glass. This used to be a popular option until PETG and acrylic became a viable alternative. In areas where vandalism is uncommon it could be a great choice, but the benefits of Acrylic and PETG glazing far outweigh the reason to select glass.

External Notice Boards are manufactured in the most popular paper sizes (A4 – A0). Some products feature either a double window or even a triple window when a larger size is required. But not everyone wants a standard size. The good news is that all our notice boards are hand made, and for this reason we can make anything in any size, colour or shape.

The entry level external notice boards include a 1 year warrantee. Our premium notice boards have up to a 10 year warrantee and even a 15 year warrantee on our Nimbus and Notus ranges. This means you can have years of trouble free usage in the knowledge the noticeboards are manufactured to the highest possible quality using only premium components.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards

Outdoor Wall Notice Boards come in all shapes and sizes. We have a board for every occasion and every budget! They’re a great way to get your message out there, our range of external notice boards are designed with the elements in mind – they’ll withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at them while still looking good doing it!.

Choose with or without a personalised header panel depending on what best suits you needs. We’ve got options large enough so even huge posters can be displayed outdoors without being too overwhelming. Many of our boards are available in either single, double or triple door models.

Post Mounted Outdoor Notice Boards

External Post Mounted Notice Boards are perfect for use outside in any location. They’re made with high-quality materials and can be customised to suit your needs, so they’ll last you well over time! The best thing about these external boards is that they come fully waterproofed – this means no more worrying if it’s going rain or snowing when there’s an important message to announce.

Have a message that needs to be circulated? Our team of experts can help you find the perfect outdoor notice board for your organisation. With so many options available, we’re sure there is one just right for you! Give us call today on 01539 628309 and get started on spreading those messages quickly with an attention-grabbing noticeboards.