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Wall Mounted Church And Parish Notice Boards

Wall mounted noticeboards are a great way to display information and promote your Church or Parish. We offer many types of external wall mounted noticeboards, posters case displays all personalised for you!

Wall Mounted Church and Parish Noticeboards are a great way to reach your community, and they come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. These external boards are powder coated with options such as cork, magnetic backing and felt, making them perfect for any Church or Parish!

Whatever your requirements, be it a Church Noticeboard or Poster Display Case we have the perfect solution. If you cannot see what you are looking for then contact us and one of our Church And Parish Notice Board Experts will do everything possible to help!

To celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee we’re offering Commemorative Plates for new and existing noticeboards. They’re available in hundreds of colours and they can be personalised with any combination of logo and text.

Commemorative Plates can be fitted to existing noticeboards, or can be added to an order of a new noticeboard. We supply an ‘easy to use’ fixit kit.

Personalised Aluminium Church and Parish Wall NoticeBoards

We make sure your notice boards are unique, with a personalised design. We can customise the header panel and include an image or logo to really make it stand out! The StormGuard range offers fantastic value for money; you won’t find anything better than our 5-year guarantee on these premium products either. And the Nimbus range is backed by a 15 years guarantee !

The only downside? You’ll have trouble deciding which one(s) from our range to choose from. The Nimbus Church And Parish Notice Boards all come with fully welded cases with built in drainage systems so no more worries about the British Weather!

Deluxe Church And Parish Wall Noticeboards

Deluxe Noticeboards offer the best of both worlds – a personalised printed sign and poster case. The printed area can hold permanent information such as contact details or service times, whilst displaying temporary notices including upcoming events, seasonal updates & community-based activities for you to easily share.

Man Made Wood Effect Church And Parish Wall Church And Parish Notice Boards

Wood is a beautiful material but it has limitations. For example, wood will rot and need treated regularly to keep its natural beauty intact – not only does the treatment take time out your day; you also have an upkeep process on top of that!

Our Man Made Wood Effect Church And Parish Notice Boards don’t require much maintenance at all. Just give them some WD40 occasionally and they’ll never look outdated or worn down like other boards do.

Hand Made Wood Church And Parish Wall Noticeboards

The handmade noticeboards are made using only sustainable materials and will look great in any environment. If you want to personalize your board, we offer custom headers that can be engraved with names or messages!

Standard Aluminium Wall Church And Parish Notice Boards

Need to display information, but without a personalised header? We’ve got you covered! The StormGuard is a great value board with 5 Year Guarantee and comes in dozens colors; whilst The Nimbus Noticeboard has premium features including 15 year guarantees. They’re available to fit any budget – call us on 01539 628309.

Other Church And Parish Wall Noticeboards

If you’ve scrolled down to this part of the page, chances are you’ve not found what you’re looking for. All our noticeboards are hand made to your exact requirements, this means whatever size you want in just about any colour, we can make it. Call us on 01539 628309 or email and we’ll be delighted to send you a personalised quote.