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Personalised Outdoor External Post Mounted Notice Boards

About Our External Notice Boards

Our range of post-mounted external notice boards includes something for every budget. All the products shown on this page can be personalised with your brand, organisation name and logo.

Ordering a new personalised external notice board is simple:

  • Place your order online or call 01539 628309
  • Our design team will contact you to take the brief for the personalised header panel
  • You’ll receive a proof PDF showing examples
  • Let us know which one you’d prefer, along with any changes needed
  • We’ll send you a final proof prior to production
  • Once approved, we’ll pass your artwork to the printing dept and your personalised notice board will be made.

Best Selling Post Mounted Notice Boards With Personalised Headers

Our most popular external notice boards are a tried and tested traditional design. With a premium weather proof poster case and aluminium posts, these display showcases are complimented with a personalised header panel. You can add your company or organisation name along with logo.

The StormGuard represents excellent value for money and is available in many sizes and colours. And for those that need the most robust notice board available, our exclusive Nimbus range is the only product available on the market with a fully welded cabinet and has a 15 Year Guarantee.

Notus Post Mounted Notice Boards With Personalised Header

If you’re looking for the most robust and vandal resistant notice board, The Notus Noticeboard is for you. With a fully welded cabinet and a 15 Year Guarantee, you’ll have many years of problem free displaying. They’re available in 2 different styles, one with modern ‘D’ posts, and a the other with traditional round posts and ball finials. They’re ideal for any location where you need the strongest protection for your notices and look great in any environment.

Ventus Post Mounted Notice Boards With Personalised Header

The Ventus (previously know as Varicase) Noticeboard stands out as our top-tier product, offering premium quality at an affordable price. Its durable and sturdy build, complete with heavy-duty glazing, has earned it a trusted reputation among councils and local authorities alike.

The board’s clean and classic design, featuring squared corners and edges, lends a professional and straightforward look to any display. It is available in single, double, or triple door versions, compatible with wall, post, or rail mountings.

In addition, the Ventus offers a wide variety of optional add-ons, allowing you to customise it to your exact location and requirements.

Icarus Post Mounted Notice Boards With Personalised Header

Introducing the Icarus range (Previously known as Lynester), our most distinguished and sought-after noticeboard. With its sturdy and durable design, complete with heavy-duty glazing, it’s no surprise that councils and local authorities consider it a top choice.

The Icarus Noticeboard’s outer frame boasts subtle, curved edges, adding a touch of sophistication to its already impressive aesthetics. With an extensive range of customisation options, you can configure your Icarus to feature ornate posts and finials for a classic look, or opt for D-shaped posts for a modern feel.

Choose from single, double, or triple door options, and apply it to wall, post, or rail mountings, or even a double-sided post mounting. Need even more space? Additional panels can be added to create monolith noticeboards. When it comes to style and functionality, the Lynester range is truly in a league of its own.

Imperium Post Mounted Notice Boards With Personalised Header

If you’re looking for a premium notice board that features also features an area for information such as opening times, contact information or service times, the Imperium Notice Board is perfect for you. They’re available in 2 different designs, one with a single noticeboard and another with a double noticeboard. With the added ornate posts and ball finials, it’s a great way to really make a statement and display your notices at the same time. Choose from many popular colours and header panel styles.

Deluxe Post Mounted External Notice Boards

The Deluxe range of Notice Boards combines the benefits of a poster case with a printed sign panel. Add your organisation’s name and logo for the ultimate professional look and enjoy many years of trouble free displaying. 

The printed area can be used for static information such as contact details, opening times or organisation information, whilst your poster case can be used for the latest news and updates to inform members of the public.

Wood And Wood Effect Post Mounted External Notice Boards

Introducing our latest outdoor noticeboard that is sure to make a statement! Our wood effect noticeboard is crafted from high-quality materials that look and feel just like real wood. Whether you are in search of a rustic aesthetic or simply want a warm and inviting feel, this noticeboard will exceed your expectations.

Not only does this noticeboard look great, but it also offers unbeatable durability and strength. Made from weather-resistant materials, it is sure to withstand even the toughest of outdoor conditions. With its easy-to-use locking mechanism and simple installation process, this noticeboard is the perfect choice for schools, parks, and any outdoor location that requires a secure and reliable display solution. Don’t settle for a plain and uninspiring noticeboard when you can have the look and feel of real wood with all the added benefits of modern design and technology.

Upgrade your outdoor display space today with our stunning wood effect noticeboard!

Heritage Post Mounted External Notice Boards

Introducing our beautiful Heritage Post Mounted Noticeboard, designed to provide a traditional and elegant display solution for your messages, posters, and notices. Our noticeboard features ornate posts and ball finials that add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor setting. It is crafted from high-quality materials that are both weather-resistant and long-lasting, making it perfect for outdoor use.

One of the key features of our post mounted noticeboard is the ability to personalise it with a printed header panel. Display your organisation’s name or logo, or a welcome message. Our team can help you create a customised panel that perfectly complements your brand and style. With its secure locking mechanism and easy-to-use design, this noticeboard is an excellent choice for town, villages, parks, and other public spaces that require a reliable and attractive display solution. Upgrade your outdoor display area today with our beautiful post mounted noticeboard and take your messages to the next level!