Post Mounted Solid Aluminium Church & Parish Signs

£126.00£893.00 ex. VAT (£151.20 inc. VAT)

All our Standard Post Signs include:

  • Post ready mounts on the rear
  • Solid aluminium (not cheaper aluminium composite/ACM)
  • Design and colour proof
  • High quality digitally printed graphics (or vinyl if required)
  • Fixings and pre-drilled holes in signs if required
  • Optional anti-vandal lamination
  • Rounded corners to suit

Please choose if you would prefer a flat header, or a shaped header.

These signs are available with new posts, or you can use your existing posts. Please choose from the options below.

If you would like to add a silver frame magnetic poster case to your order, please choose this option.

If you already have the artwork, or even a sketch of what you would like, please upload it here.

(max file size 2 GB)
Customised Church And Parish Notice Boards

If your new notice board has a printed header or personalised element, a member of the team will contact you once the order has been placed to discuss colours, layout and design.

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Solid Aluminium Sign Shapes

All our Aluminium Signs are hand made to your exact requirements. 
This means you can choose any shape you want. Here’s just a selection of the most popular shapes.

Solid Aluminium Sign Colours

Our bespoke signs are digitally printed, this allows you to choose any colour in the spectrum you want! Here’s just some of the most popular colours our customers have chosen.

Church And Parish Notice Board Colours

Important – We Only Use Solid Aluminium

We don’t use Aluminium Composite, these signs comprise of a Polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of 0.3mm aluminium. Commonly used where the customer is on a tight budget, Composite is cheaper than aluminium but doesn’t boast the same length of life so we choose not to use it due to the inferior quality. 

Aluminium Composite Panels
Let’s look at Aluminium Composite (or ACM) panels first. ACM is a low cost ‘sandwich’ Aluminium around a Polyethylene core, resulting in something that’s rigid and lightweight. Ideal for those on a low budget. Its other advantage is that it’s really quick and easy to install and produces a reasonable quality print, aesthetically pleasing look, mainly due to the fact that it’s fine for reproducing text and graphics. Because of its tough and durable qualities, ACM is suited to both internal and external usage. It’s also super-simple to wipe down and keep looking smart and clean and is generally weather-resistant and can be corrosion-resistant. Unfortunately ACM is not generally environmentally-friendly and can not be recycled.

ACM was used as cladding in the Grenfell Tower and is easily combustable.

Solid Aluminium
So, what about standard Aluminium? We’re glad you asked. This material is really easy to work with and install because of its weight and low density. It’s also quite a lot cheaper than many other metal options (such as Steel), whilst remaining anti-corrosive. Standard Aluminium is inherently very strong, but if you need something even more heavy-duty, then it can easily be welded to other sheets to create a stronger material. Unlike ACM, standard Aluminium is also fully recyclable and can be easily formed to suite your specific needs and projects. Aesthetically, standard Aluminium is very flat and therefore it looks smooth and neat, wherever you decide to use it.

So, which one to use?
Well, let’s examine the similarities first. Both ACM and standard Aluminium are strong, versatile and light when compared to other metals and can both come in a wide range of pleasing colours to suit most needs. 

Standard Aluminium is less prone to any kind of wrinkling after installation and will remain completely flat. ACM panels, on the other hand, are much less impact-resistant which can make them vulnerable in extreme weather conditions and to vandals. Also, if ACM panels have joints that have not been sealed well, moisture will seep into the composite structure and cause damage.

There, we hope that helped convince you why solid Aluminium is the preferred choice, but if you need any further advice then our team are on hand to help you make the best choice and find the perfect way to create your signs.

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2ft (610mm), 3ft (915mm), 4ft (1220mm), 5ft (1524mm), 6ft (1828mm), 7ft (2133mm), 8ft (2440mm)


2ft (610mm), 3ft (915mm), 4ft (1220mm)


Shaped Header, Flat