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The Woodland Range - Natural Signs And Products Made From Sustainable Materials

The Woodland Range is a perfect alternative to aluminium. Designed to blend into the countryside, they are made from only sustainable materials and are created in such a way to withstand the Great British Weather.

Please take a look at our most popular products and get in touch for a quote.

Woodland Fingerposts

Oak finger posts are durable and stable, making them the perfect piece for footpaths or bridleways. Choose from a variety of designs to customise your signage with images that represent what the paths can be used for or what people may come into contact with when using the paths. 

Standard Sizes

  • Green oak post (planed) 95mm square x 2.4m
  • Green oak post (planed) 95mm square x 3m
  • Engraved oak finger 280mm x 140mm x 23mm
  • Engraved oak finger 700mm x 140mm x 23mm

Optional blacked in lettering and illustrations on both sides.

Bespoke Woodland Fingerposts

We take pride in providing you with bespoke, custom-made signage that best suits your needs. We’ll work closely with you to understand what exactly is the purpose or goal behind these signs and then create one for each location, ensuring they meet all your requirements, whether they be aesthetic or functional. Browse through our gallery below; we have many options from which you could inspire new ideas!

Woodland Rubbing Posts

We love how this plaques can make a child feel like they are in their natural surroundings! It’s the perfect way to get them outdoors and interacting with nature.

A great idea for teaching children about environmentalism while also encouraging active play are our laser etched designs made from synthetic stone mounted onto green oak posts are extremely popular.  They include birds, insects or tree species, plants and flowers or even fruit trees.  We also have marine life such as different types of fish, otters and sea birds, perfect for use near waterways and coastal locations.

Standard Size
Green oak post 120mm x 120mm x 1.2m finished with sanded edges and 22.5 degree angled top. The plaque is 100mm x 100mm screwed on top.

Woodland Information Posts

A simple yet effective information panel, available in A4 in either a portrait or landscape orientation and mounted on a green oak post 75mm in diameter with an overall length of 1.2m.  These are made from air-dried wood that can be designed for you using your text & images printed onto tough vandal resistant material!

The sign sits proud atop a durable wooden panel, attached to a robust and solid post. 

Woodland Leaflet Holders

The oak leaflet holders are a stylish alternative to a modern perspex box and are particularly fitting in an outdoor natural environment. Made from air-dried oak, these leaflet holders have plywood backs that provide durability while also being eco-friendly!

The front is coated with 4mm UV poycarbonate making them very tough – perfect for your nature trail or anywhere else you might need some extra protection against inclement weather without compromising the style too much either!

Woodland Lectern & Interpretation Panels

These lecturn-style frames are made from air dried oak with a wide border on all four sides to nicely frame your panel. The back of the wood makes it durable enough for any situation, while still giving you room to display what’s inside!

You can also make an upright version if that suits better in terms of height requirements.

With so many styles, sizes and options available, please get in touch for a quote.

Woodland Notice Boards

Made from only sustainable materials, these natural products are a perfect way to display semi-permanent information. 

Available in standard and bespoke sizes with either a single or multiple door, they can be made to your exact specification with or without a personalised header.

Choose from either a key lockable door design, or community thumb locks allowing the public to display their notices with ease.

Please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to provide a competitive quote.

Woodland Ladder Signs

Made from solid oak, these signs can be made to any size and height you like. They are great as welcome signs, information signs or for a group of houses, businesses or pretty much anywhere you want to welcome people.