Nimbus & Notus Notice Boards – 15 Year Guarantee


Simply The Best Notice Board Money Can Buy Today.

What do Harrods and Rolls Royce have in common? You expect them to only sell the highest quality products with the best guarantees. The Nimbus and Notus Noticeboards are build to exceed your expectations and include features you never knew you needed. 

If you’re buying on price, you can stop reading now. However, if you’re looking for a robust quality display product designed to last, with a 15 YEAR GUARANTEE, please read on.

Anti-Vandal and Anti-Graffiti features are standard, and to really make sure your notices are secure, we use riot shield material for the glazing. Before considering any other noticeboard (whether from us or another supplier), ask if it has these features listed below. Then call us on 01539 628309 or email for a quote.

Post Mounted Nimbus Notice Noticeboard

Build Features

  • Fully welded and dressed corners
  • Built in water drainage
  • Superior weather resistance
  • 42mm Wide x 50mm Deep Frame
  • 3mm High Impact Riot Shield Glazing
  • All aluminium construction

Security Features

  • Choice of key locks, community twist locks or security locks
  • Stainless steel security locks on all cases
  • Vandal resistant
  • Anti-Graffiti protection as standard
  • Full length integral security hinged door
  • Riot shield grade glazing

Product Options

  • Portrait or landscape designs
  • Personalised header panels
  • Wall, post or rail mounted
  • Side or top hinged with support stays
  • Choice of inner panels:
    Felt / magnetic / poster clip / dry-wipe

A Fully Welded Case With A 15 Year Guarantee

The Nimbus is the UK’s first notice board that features a fully welded case with built-in drainage for superior weather resistance.
Here’s how they’re made.

Stage 1

How Is A Noticeboard Made - Step 1

Our own exclusive extrusion design is cut and mitred to size.

Standard and bespoke sizes are available upon request. All Nimbus products are made from 100% recycle-able materials.

Stage 2

How Is A Noticeboard Made - Step 2

The frame is welded together for a perfect weatherproof seam.

This ensures the notice board will stand the test of time and the reason we’re able to give it a 15 Year Guarantee

Stage 3

How Is A Noticeboard Made - Step 3

Welds and sanded off for a neat finish, then polished for extra powder coating adhesive.

If you’re buying a board from someone else, ask why it’s not made like this!

Stage 4

How Is A Noticeboard Made - Step 4

The poster case is then powder coated to the highest quality and treated with anti-graffiti protection.

Riot Shield Glazing is then added to ensure your notices remain protected from the weather and vandals.

Pick A Colour - Any Colour

All Nimbus Noticeboards are hand made to order, so you can have it made in any shape, size or colour you want*. Here’s just some of the most popular colours we have in stock for your new Nimbus Notice Board.

Notice Board Colours

*applied to standard RAL colours. Certain colours might incur an additional charge

Choose Your Lock

We have several different locks types to choose from, each has their own benefits depending on your requirements.

Noticeboard Locks

1 – Security Locks

We supply security Allen keys as standard on each Nimbus Noticeboard and they’re simple to use whilst providing protection for your notices.

2 – Community Locks
If the notice board is for members of the community to use, we can add locks that don’t need a key to open. Simply twist the handle and the door opens. These are very popular when the community needs to post messages.

3 – Key locks
We can supply a regular key / barrel lock on your notice board. They’ll last you a lifetime by occasionally squirting some WD40 in the lock. 

Still Not Convinced?

We’re so confident in the quality and rigidity of The Nimbus and Notus Notice Boards, we’ve installed them into some of the most remote areas where they’re exposed to the worst weather, and vandals determined to damage them. Please read on…

Notice Board At Bus Stop

When Mersey Travel needed a quality noticeboard / post case for use in their bus stops and train stations, there was only one choice. The Nimbus was chosen for it’s robust construction and the very little maintenance needed. 

The Riot Shield Glazing means that even the most ambitious vandal will struggle to cause damage. With the weatherproof fully welded cabinet, rain won’t be a problem when displaying public transport service times all year round.

Replace Notice Board DoorFinally, if someone is really determined to break the noticeboard and damage the door, they simply slide off and can be easily replaced with a low cost replacement. You no longer need to replace the entire unit!