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A Quick Guide To Buying A Whiteboard

A Quick Guide To Buying A Whiteboard

Whiteboards are an invaluable tool in schools and offices, swiftly replacing the old black chalkboards which led to chalk everywhere!

Whiteboards are now found in almost every classroom and office up and down the country, but what do you need to know when you’re buying one?

Here’s the Noticeboards Online guide to everything you need to know when buying a whiteboard.

Which material?

The two main materials which whiteboards are made from are melamine and porcelain steel, each with their own advantages which will suit you more depending on your needs.


Melamine is a dry erase material which is a better option in instances when the whiteboard will only be experiencing light to moderate use.

For example, they might be used in a cafeteria to show specials, or in a sports team changing room to plan out tactics.

They’re made from a hard plastic, with a clear coat surface for writing on, so they’re very easy to write on and wipe clear.

However, the more you use a melamine board, the clear writing surface will begin to wear away, which causes what is known as ‘the ghosting effect’.

This is where you can still slightly see the markings even after you have erased them.

Porcelain Steel

So, if you’re planning to use your whiteboard fairly frequently, we would definitely recommend opting for a porcelain steel option.

While they are a more expensive option, porcelain whiteboards are a lot cheaper than they used to be and are much more suited to frequent long-term usage.

They’re much less likely to experience ghosting and staining, and their steel background means that they are able to have magnets applied to them too.

These whiteboards will last much longer, and won’t scratch or dent as easily, and require less cleaning due to their non-porous nature.

We would recommend porcelain whiteboards in the majority of instances when they’re going to be used fairly frequently and for a considerable period of time.

Sizing & Mounting

Knowing exactly what size of whiteboard you need is important, so make sure you take care when measuring your available wall space, and consider perhaps opting for a whiteboard which is slightly bigger than you think you need, just to be on the safe side.

You should also ensure that the whiteboard is going to come with all of the necessary mounting equipment and whether you’ll have to mount it yourself.

Other Features

Magnetic: Magnetic whiteboards are great for presentation purposes, allowing you to use the board almost like a bulletin board to hang up charts and images.

Planner Whiteboards: If you know that you’re going to be using your whiteboard to chart the weekly, monthly or annual comings and goings at your business, did you know that you can purchase whiteboards which are pre-printed with calendar layouts?

Sliding/Winged Whiteboards: Sliding or winged whiteboards vastly increase your writing area, which is particularly handy in a very in-depth class! They can also be used to reveal pre-prepared material.

Projection Whiteboards: There are also whiteboards available which have a special semi-matt finish which allows them to easily be projected onto.

If you have any further questions regarding whiteboards or any of your products, feel free to get in touch with us here at Noticeboards Online.

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