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Oakhill Leasure

New External Nimbus Notice Board For Oakhill Leisure

We love happy customers, that’s why we only sell high quality notice boards with long guarantees. Yes, there’s cheaper boards available on the market, but buy cheap – buy twice!

Oakhill Leisure ordered one of our popular Nimbus External Post Mounted Noticeboards with a 15 Year Guarantee, and it looks great. One of the features on these boards is the Twist Lock option. You no longer need a key to open the board, just a quick twist of the lock and you’re in! These are ideal for community areas or where you have lots of people who need access to the notice board without the hassle of handing out dozens of keys.

For more information on our Nimbus Noticeboards, please take a look here or call us on 01539 628309. Alternatively drop us an email at and we hope to make you as happy as the nice folk over at Oakhill Leisure!