Franken Whiteboard Sponge X-Wipe! Pk2

Franken Whiteboard Sponge X-Wipe! Pk2


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Sponge cleaner suitable for drywipe boards and flip charts. Great for removing dried residues of markers (including permanent markers), fingerprints, grease stains, dust and dirt, no use of cleaning agents needed – water is sufficient

Customised Notice Boards

If your new notice board has a printed header or personalised element, a member of the team will contact you once the order has been placed to discuss colours, layout and design.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 7 x 10cm, Content: 2 pieces

  • Whiteboard Sponge X-Wipe!
  • Universal blue cleaning sponge with a white wiping surface
  • Perfect for heavily marked whiteboard surfaces
  • Erases permanent markers from boards
  • Use with water only, no cleaning solution necessary