10 Top Tips For Buying A Noticeboard For The Office

10 Top Tips For Buying A Noticeboard For The Office

Noticeboards are popular in a number of industries, and especially so in the office environment. They’re perfect for advertising general information and posters, events, meetings, idea generation sessions, to do lists and lots more.

Every office and its team are different, meaning that it’s very important when looking to purchase a new noticeboard that you choose one which is functional and efficient for your office setting.

With so many different styles and design to choose from, you’ll want to ensure that you really do pick the best noticeboard.

To give you a helping hand, we have compiled ten of our top tips for what you need to know when it comes to buying the perfect noticeboard for your office.


Choosing the correct size of noticeboard is vital to get right. Too small and your team will be straining their eyes to read what’s on there, yet too big and you may find that it’s too impractical for a smaller office.

To ensure that you pick the right size, make sure that you consider the purpose of the noticeboard (what you intend to put on there and how you’ll be using it) and make sure that you measure the wall or area where the noticeboard will be located.


We briefly touched upon what the purpose of the noticeboard will be, and is, therefore, another vital point that you need to consider.

This will help to determine what style of noticeboard will be most convenient and suitable in your office. For example, will it just be used to put up general notices and posters, or will it also serve as a feature for business meetings and presentations?


If it’s necessary for your noticeboard to be easily moved, perhaps from one end of the office to another for meetings or creative sessions, then a transferable noticeboard will be ideal.

Our range of mobile whiteboards means that you can select from magnetic dry wipe whiteboards to pinnable felt surface boards. Locking castors make the portability of your board much easier, and those attached to a pivot also means that the board can be flipped for use on both sides.


For a noticeboard which is lightweight yet strong, felt noticeboards are a great option.

You’ll also want to ensure that the board is durable, which the addition of an aluminium frame will also help to ensure.


Choosing the right material for your noticeboard is something that you need to establish early one. This is obviously important as it will determine what you are permitted to do with the board.

A felt noticeboard is purely used for attaching documents and posters, whereas a whiteboard is used for writing purposes. If you require a board allowing you to both attach and write information, then your best bet is to opt for a magnetic whiteboard.


The aesthetics of the board are just as important as how practical it is. Therefore, another point that you’ll need to think about is which colour you want to go for.

Perhaps your business has a particular brand colour, if so, then why not match this to your noticeboard? Or perhaps you’re looking to incorporate a touch of colour into the office. With a wide variation of different tones, we’ll be able to help you find the perfect colour.


As we’ve already mentioned, aluminium frames can help to strengthen your noticeboard, yet this isn’t your only option.

You could also consider a wood frame such as our Wood Frame Sundeala Notice Board. Manufactured using an FSC registered hardwood frame located from sustainable forests and using 100% Sundeala Eco recycled material, this frame not only looks smart and stylish but is also a safer option for the environment.

Alternatively, you don’t need to have a frame your noticeboard at all. Our frameless noticeboards allow you to quickly and efficiently attach notices or documents and means that you have added space around the border to utilise.

Safety boards

One of your options could be to purchase a fire resistant noticeboard for extra security and protection. Our Blazemaster boards have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet the criteria for Class B.

Our Blazemaster Deluxe Tamperproof Notice Board for example, with aluminium frame and shatterproof PET cover for ultimate fire protection, is a great choice should you wish to fit your office environment with a safety noticeboard.

Bespoke noticeboards

If you’re struggling to locate the perfect noticeboard for your office, then why not think about having one designed to your individual specifications.

This can be a great solution to providing more complex backgrounds onto a noticeboard more suited to your industry, or it could just be as simple as having your company name printed onto the board for a more personal touch.

Board Accessories

Don’t forget that when you have selected a board which is perfect for your office, you might also need to consider purchasing some very important tools to go with it!

Whiteboard marker pens (non-permanent!), whiteboard cleaner, erasers, pins, magnetic pins etc. are all important accessories which are easy to purchase along with your noticeboard.

We hope that you have found reading our top tips for buying an office noticeboard beneficial. If you have any further questions about how to find the perfect board for your office, or perhaps you would like to discuss a bespoke design, then feel free to contact Noticeboards Online here.

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