Five Reasons to Invest in Quality Noticeboards

Noticeboards are extremely versatile, and we rely on using them for a wide range of purposes within different industries.

When looking to purchase a new noticeboard you’ll be presented with two options. The first would be to opt for a simple and standard design of noticeboard, or alternatively, you may think about paying a little extra for a higher quality noticeboard which could be a more practical option.

You might be questioning how important it really is to go for a higher quality board, particularly when this might potentially be the costlier route.

Here at Noticeboards Online, we understand that getting the right product and ensuring it performs to the highest standard is important. So here are five great reasons as to why it could be worthwhile investing in a quality noticeboard.


When looking to purchase a new noticeboard, perhaps for your office meeting room or school hallway, one of the essential factors which you want to ensure is that you go for something which will last.

The great thing about paying slightly more for a higher quality board is that you can guarantee that it will be able to stand the test of time.

Our felt noticeboards with the addition of an aluminium frame are a great example of a stronger and more durable noticeboard; not only a neat and tidy method of displaying your messages but one which still looks great and remains practical for years to come.


Another useful point to consider when purchasing a quality noticeboard is the added flexibility, meaning that you’ll be able to utilise your noticeboard in many ways.

You’ll want to ensure that you get as much use from your noticeboard as possible, therefore why not go for something which is multi-functional?

Our Mobile Pivot Blazemaster Notice Board which is lightweight, easily movable and double sided could be used to display office notices at one time, to being used as part of a presentation or meeting at another.

So if you’re looking to utilise your noticeboard in a variety of ways, it’s certainly worth paying that little bit extra for a higher quality of board.

Greater range of features

Opting for a better quality of noticeboard also has the advantage of providing you with all sorts of useful and additional features.

For example, you could consider opting for a fire resistant noticeboard for added security, particularly for use in public buildings and construction. Fire safety boards are available in a range of different shapes, sizes and design specifications, some of which come with special Blazemaster woven fabrics, to boards with shatterproof acrylic doors.

Therefore, when looking to purchase a new noticeboard, the potential for additional features such as fire resistance, could make paying slightly more a worthwhile decision.

Bespoke noticeboards

If you’re in search of a noticeboard which is perhaps more specific in design to your industry, the advantage of going for a higher quality of board is that this will open new options for a style which is more suited for your organisation.

If you’re struggling to find the right style of noticeboard, then why not consider designing your own? This is especially useful should you be looking to include a more complex style of background onto your board.

Perhaps you’re just wanting to add a more personal touch to your office equipment, if so, you could even have your company name or logo imprinted onto your noticeboard.


As we mentioned previously, it’s important when looking to buy a new noticeboard that it is long lasting and durable. Another one of the benefits of opting for a quality noticeboard is that they will generally come with a warranty.

All of our products here at Noticeboards Online come with a 12-month guarantee, therefore should you encounter any problems with your noticeboard within the first year of purchase, we can help to ensure that this is fixed quickly and efficiently.

In summary, it’s essential that your noticeboard is fully functional and that it performs effectively. By choosing a higher quality noticeboard, you have assurance of being able to locate a perfect and practical product, no matter your intended purpose.

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