Lockable Noticeboard and Tamperproof Noticeboard

If you need to protect your notices from being tampered with, you’ll need a lockable noticeboard. For indoor use there’s loads to choose from ranging from entry level poster cases through to double door key lock noticeboards. One of our most popular products is the Scroll Lockable Noticeboard. It’s got a 5 year guarantee and they’re made in the UK. No other tamperproof noticboard¬†has this level of guarantee.

For outdoor use, we have one of the largest range available. Most of our outdoor products are now made in the UK and carry an industry leading 5 year guarantee. Take a look at our range of >outdoor lockable noticeboards .

Unlike the cheaper imported that start letting in water and damage your paperwork, our outdoor noticeboards have a double waterproof seal which prevents all the British weather from damaging the notices. There’s different types of locks available too. Our StormGuard products feature a simple Allen Key to lock the door, while our Scroll lockable noticeboards have secure key locks.

If you wish to use your noticeboard for public notices, we can offer push locks. This means people can open the door by simply pressing the button, and then posting their messages and notices. These push button locks are available at a small additional cost to replace the regular locks. They are particularly popular with the double door designs, where one side is locked for official notices (such as church or parish council notices) and the other side is available for the public to post notices and messages.

For more information on the push lock systems, call 01539 628309 and speak to our noticeboard experts for more information.

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