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Notice Boards vs. Whiteboards: Which Should You Choose?

Whether to opt for a notice board or whiteboard is a decision that is impossible to make and could cost you dearly without first taking a few minutes to understand and compare the different qualities, pros and cons of each.

Fortunately here at Noticeboards Online we happen to be experts. So, and without further ado, here is everything you need to know to know whether to opt for a notice board or whiteboard.

Notice Boards vs. Whiteboards: What is the Difference?

Notice boards differ from whiteboards because originally notice boards were boards used upon which to pin or directly attach information, posters, advertisements and the likes. Meanwhile, whiteboards like chalk boards, were used exclusively for writing directly upon.

Today the definitions have blurred slightly as magnetic notice boards on which magnetic counters can be used to pin papers etc mean that whiteboards can also perform the roles of a notice board.

Why then doesn’t everybody opt to simply invest in a magnetic whiteboard? To answer that question and decide whether a notice board or whiteboard is right for you, take a look at these specific pros and cons provided by traditional cork and felt notice boards vs. modern whiteboards and magnetic boards.

The Pros of opting for a traditional cork or felt boards

  • Durability: cork and felt boards last. Felt notice boards are simply cork boards which feature an additional layer of material. One of the further pros of the extra layer of material used on a felt board is that it helps to prevent the cork beneath from becoming damaged. Further, the felt can be replaced should it require it in time, negating the need to invest in a whole new board.
  • Cost: cork and felt boards are both inexpensive to buy. To see for yourself just what they cost, browse our range of notice boards here at Notice Boards Online.
  • Design: felt notice boards come in a range of colour options to suit all schemes and as well to enable businesses to easily and clearly colour code boards used for different uses. It is simply a matter of choosing a colour of felt with which to cover a board.
  • Weight: cork is a very light material. So too is felt. And because here at Notice Boards Online we mount our felt boards in equally lightweight aluminium this means that even the largest of out felt notice boards are brilliantly lightweight. Consequently, this means that they can be safely and securely placed on almost all wall surfaces, including partition walls.

Combined, these features explain precisely why our  Office Essentials – Aluminium Frame Felt Notice Board is one of our best selling products.

The pros of opting for a Whiteboard

  • Function: one of the major reasons whiteboards are so popular is that they can of course be directly written upon, unlike cork and felt boards.
  • Versatility: whiteboards can also be purchased with the additional feature of a metal sheet backing which endows them with magnetic properties, turning a humble whiteboard instantly into a two-in-one white and pin board. It is also worth being aware that portable whiteboards are also available to buy which come fitted to freestanding and wheel mounted frames, meaning that whiteboards needed for meetings or temporary use in different part of an office or business premises are available to buy, and you can view our mobile whiteboards range here.
  • Style: whiteboards are far more modern, clean looking and more clear to use than chalk boards. This is why they have now effectively replaced them in schools and the likes. They are also easier to fit into a business setting due to their lack of colour, simple design and wipe clean surface.
  • Function: Whiteboards provide the best writable surface of any board currently on the market. Whilst glass boards have in recent years grown in popularity, they are both far heavier and the reflective quality of their surface prevents those wishing to take photographs of the information on a board (such as after a lecture, class or meeting) to do so clearly.
  • More Eco-Friendly: whiteboards negate the need to print out information or otherwise use paper to then attach to the board when someone desires or is required to communicate something via a board. This in turn lowers the amount of paper being used and if done by all businesses would make a significant difference to the amount of trees being felled to be turned into office paper.

To see our entire selection of whiteboards visit our whiteboards category.

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