How To Remove Permanent Marker From A Whiteboard

How To Remove Permanent Marker From A Whiteboard

Whiteboards are widely used across a number of different offices, schools and homes, and are extremely useful for many tasks such as producing to-do lists, idea creations, planning, meetings and lots more.

However, lots of us at some point in our lives, whether it was back in your school days or during your office’s weekly idea generation session, will
probably have made the daunting mistake of accidentally writing on a whiteboard with a permanent marker pen.

The panic begins to set in when you try to wash the board using various soaps in the hope that it’ll come off, yet nothing that you try seems to work.

Whilst it might appear that there is no way of salvaging the situation, you can lay your fears aside as your whiteboard isn’t ruined. There are actually a
few different methods which you can try using to tackle the problem.

Here are a few of our top tips to successfully remove the toughest of permanent marker pen stains.

Fight marker with marker

You might not think that it would make much sense to draw over your mistake with another marker pen, but this is probably the most foolproof method to try
when it comes to permanent marker mishaps.

This particular method requires:

  • A dry erase marker
  • Dry erase eraser or paper towel

Here are the steps to removing the mark:

1. First thing’s first, you need to draw or scribble directly over the mark on your whiteboard using a dry erase marker, ideally using the same colour pen
as the permanent marker. Ensure that the entire mark is covered by the dry erase marker.

2. Once the mark is completely covered so that it is no longer visible, leave the ink to dry for a few seconds, yet not for too long.

3. Take the dry whiteboard eraser or paper towel and wipe over the marked area, and you should find that the mark has been removed.

4. It may require multiple attempts to completely remove the mark. If there are any remnant spots left on the whiteboard, try repeating the method again
and your board should look squeaky clean.

Further cleaning tips

Here at Noticeboards Online, we understand that keeping your board clean and in excellent condition is important.

For difficult to remove stains on your whiteboard which have been present for quite a while, it can be worth trying to put a little bit of alcohol onto a
towel and wiping over the stain. Hand sanitizer has also been claimed as another way of removing stains.

However, when tackling stubborn whiteboard marks, you must obviously be cautious that you do not end up damaging the surface your board in the process,
therefore, be sure to stay away from abrasive cleaners.

Instead, why not try using our Whiteboard Cleaner and Conditioner. Perfect for tough pen
marks, this is an efficient way to leave your whiteboard looking brand new in the safest and easiest way.

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