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How To Appear Smart In Meetings

At this point of the month, the team turns to me and asks me to update the blog section of our website. Well this month, I’m going to teach you all how to appear smart in meetings. I hope you enjoy it. More life skills and useless nonsense next month.

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How To Fit A Notice Board – Properly

So you’ve got your notice board, now what? Here’s a few tips on what to do if you’re new to DIY. It’s not the most comprehensive of tutorials, but it’ll help you on your way to getting your new noticeboard on the wall. First up, don’t drill directly above or below light switches, plug sockets […]

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Aluminium Framed Noticeboards

Popular range of classic noticeboards in a choice of six bright colours and five convenient sizes. Ideal for displaying information, coursework and artwork in communal areas. Available with optional SunSafe fabric covering for increased fade resistance in areas with direct sunlight. Smooth felt surface accepts Velcro or pins Choice of 6 bright colours and sizes […]

13 Of The Most Annoying Things Colleagues Say In The Office [Infographic]

No matter what kind of job you’re in, if you work in an office, you’ll know what downright irritating places they can be. Whether it’s always bringing the mood down, asking stupid questions, or oversharing personal information, we’re sure more than a couple of these will resonate with you if you work in an office. […]

The Best Cities In The UK To Start A Business [Research]

Taking the plunge to start your own business is a big step, but where in the country is the best place to start? We’ve taken a look at a number of factors such the average salary, amount of new businesses and average broadband speed to determine which city in the UK* has the most potential […]

Lockable Noticeboard and Tamperproof Noticeboard

If you need to protect your notices from being tampered with, you’ll need a lockable noticeboard. For indoor use there’s loads to choose from ranging from entry level poster cases through to double door key lock noticeboards. One of our most popular products is the Scroll Lockable Noticeboard. It’s got a 5 year guarantee and […]

Why You Should Buy The Best Whiteboard You Can Afford

So there’s loads of whiteboards on our site from only £30, so what’s the difference between these and the more expensive ones? Well that’s easy to answer, you’re paying for the quality of the surface. The cheaper whiteboards are a non magnetic surface which will typically suffer from ghosting. This means that when you rub […]

13 Things Every Business Needs To Know About Awesome Customer Service [Infographic]

Customer service is crucial to any business, and if you get it wrong, you’ll quickly find yourself losing customers. Thankfully, here’s 13 of tips which will help leave you, your staff, and most importantly, your customers, feeling happier! Fancy sharing our infographic? 13 Things Every Business Needs To Know About Awesome Customer Service – An […]

How To Give Difficult Feedback At Work (Without Hurting Feelings) [Infographic]

Chances are that at some point you will have to give somebody you work with feedback when you identify an opportunity for improvement. However, many people get this process completely wrong, and alienate colleagues rather than inspiring them.If you have ever received negative feedback that was not constructive, chances are you remembered how it made […]